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My husband, Tim, and I have two daughters - an 8 year old, Isla (who we have week-on, week-off custody shared with Islas mother, Lex), and a 8.5 month old, Ella. We pride ourselves on our excellent co-parenting with Lex. Isla describes us as being one family with two homes. The five of us vacationed together in Spain this summer and have regular family dinners and co-parenting touch points. Lex lives just 850m away from us, so Isla will be with us before and after school even on Lexs custodial days. Tim is currently on parental leave until March 19th. Wed love to have a nanny start by March 5th, though we can be flexible by a month either way for the right person. Tim works typically three or four weekdays on 7am to 7pm shifts from our upstairs home office. I am an independent Project Manager consultant so my hours depend on my current contracts but are during regular Mon-Fri working hours. It varies whether I work from home in the upstairs or basement office or at the clients site. I will at times have to travel for work. We already understand some of the challenges of having the parents at home (e.g. weve learned that I shouldnt pop downstairs for a cup of tea unless Im going to visit with Ella for at least 15 minutes) and will definitely appreciate feedback and suggestions on how we can adjust our work-at-home routines to better provide stability and comfort to Ella and Isla. Were new to having a nanny and can think of many ways to set up the hours and other logistics so wed rather collectively work it out. We want to make sure its something that well all be happy with and can work at least until Ella goes to school! For example: * Were open to either a more rigid Mon-Fri schedule, one flexible based around Tims shift work, or somewhere in the middle (e.g. 9-10 hour days Mon-Fri with a few days / half-days off each month). Basically wed want to work together with you on a schedule that works for all of us. * I tend to arrange my work schedule so I can be home whenever Ellas nap will conflict with Islas school pick-up / drop-off so she can sleep and Tim doesnt have a cranky baby for the rest of the day. Were expecting to continue to provide that flexibility and support even when we have a nanny. Please visit to view full details and to apply. FREE REGISTRATION and lots of jobs to choose from!

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Job Type: Full Time

Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia (NS)

Job Category: Child Care
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Post Date: 2018/01/06

Closing Date: 2018/04/23

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