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REGISTERED EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATOR Job Description Position summary Under the direction of the Executive Director and the Supervisor, the Early Childhood Educator will provide a safe and healthy environment by planning, developing, implementing and evaluating a nurturing program that meets the needs of all children. The program must be planned in accordance with the Child Care and Early Years Act 2014 and the policies and procedures at the Centre. The staff are expected to follow the policies and procedures set out by the Board of Directors and Administrative Staff. The Educator will be responsible for organizing and facilitating the program for the children in their group while maintaining sensitivity to each childs individual needs and uniqueness. The Early Childhood Educator will provide support, instruction and use effective communication to liaison with families. As team members, they will need to be co-operative, supportive and maintain daily communication with other staff. Educators will be required to fulfill administrative functions as a part of their position. When issues arise between co-workers, staff must communicate directly with the individual(s) involved. In the event that a situation is not resolved, it is the staffs responsibility to request a meeting with the Supervisor and/or Manager as soon as possible. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILIES PROGRAM: Execute a nurturing child care program that enhances the social/emotional; physical and intellectual well-being of children. Have a clear planned curriculum with specific goals for childrens holistic development and families participation benefits childrens enjoyment, development and learning. To annually review and provide support in maintaining and building the Program statement for the organization. Plan, implement and supervise all aspects of the indoor and outdoor programs. Preparing the playroom and the playground daily to ensure a balance of activities. (Individual and group; quiet and active) Responsible for planning and implementing an appropriate written program plan that will be reviewed by the Supervisor. The program must meet the needs, interest and talents of all children as well as the regulations set out in the Child Care and Early Years Act 2014 and How Does Learning Happen?. In planning the program, the celebration of different cultures must be incorporated. The program plan will include: creative, dramatic, cognitive, emotional awareness, music appreciation, science, fine motor, gross motor transitions and sensory activities. When completing planning sheets, staff must be specific in the description of the activities and goals using the Continuum of Development. One week past and current program plan remains posted for families to access. Use a variety of teaching techniques including modeling, observing, questioning, demonstrating and reinforcing. Provide and post a daily schedule and ensure that it is followed. All changes must be noted on the program plan. The staff must be prepared to adapt the program plan when necessary. Maintain up to date records on children and the program for the classroom. (I.E. attendance, accident reports, medication forms, allergy, portfolio, and emergency lists, fire drills and record of illness forms.) Conduct daily health checks of children and administer medication as authorized by a physician. Staff must complete and sign medication forms. This may also take the form of photo documentation. Develop, co-ordinate and assist children with daily routines that meet the needs of all children. Conduct fair consistent disciplinary methods in accordance with the Program Statement to build the childs awareness and growth of their self - regulation and responsibility within children. Review and sign the Behaviour Guidance Policy yearly. Provide children with adequate nourishment and any special dietary requirements are met; promoting self-help skills as appropriate. In co-operation with parents, a toilet learning program will be established. Diaper children as needed. Follow Toronto Public Health Guidelines. Observe childrens progress and behaviour to ensure the program is meeting identified individual and group needs. Assess and evaluate children in order to gain necessary information to complete required documentation on all children. Keep abreast of policy changes. Adhere to staff and parent policies as set out by the Board of Directors and other governing bodies such as Ministry of Education, Toronto Public Health, Ministry of Labour, AODA/IAS. Provide positive social experiences including sharing, co-operating, respecting others and self-sufficiency. Plan and implement opportunities, which facilitate an understanding of a variety of cultures and value systems, provide experiences and play materials that actively promote antiracism and non sexist integration and attitudes. Ensure the Supervisor is kept informed of necessary supplies, teaching aids and equipment necessary for the program. Plan and carry out special events/entertainers. Ensure playground check is complete and recorded twice daily, twice yearly washing of outdoor equipment is also recorded. document Gross motor and daily experiences. It is essential to note that Supply staff provide a valuable service to the children, families and organization. However, Supply staff are not required to plan program, administer medication, participate in parent meetings, attend staff meetings or family events, document childs individual portfolio, offer regular attendance- in that availability is up to the individual offering this service. Supply staff are encouraged to participate in the annual policy review meeting and CPR/First Aid training to ensure full compliance. FAMILY: Provide instruction, liaison and assistance to families. Establish and maintain professional communication channels (verbal and/or written) that facilitate information to be shared on a regular basis. Provide on going support and resources to families when necessary. Facilitate referrals for families when necessary. Participate in parent interviews, parent meetings, social events. Contribute to the publication of newsletters. STUDENTS: Supervise, observe, record and evaluate students, volunteers and supply staff. Demonstrate appropriate teaching techniques. Monitor student progress daily and delegate responsibility to students, volunteers and supply staff. Assess, record and discuss daily observations with students. Review and evaluate daily activity plans and their journal. Provide the student with the appropriate feedback. Complete written weekly, mid term and final evaluations. Establish an ongoing professional relationship with supervising faculty. Follow the protocol set out with Volunteer/Student Policy STAFF: Work co-operatively as a team maximizing your potential as a staff. Support and maintain a team approach to the childrens program by working co-operatively with fellow colleagues. Maintain effective communication with team members, Supervisor and other administrative staff in a positive and professional manner. Actively participate in staff meetings, workshops and conferences in order to maintain a positive professional position at the Centre as well as outside the Centre. Participate in annual performance appraisals. Maintain records of up to date resources in the community, agency services available and the current issues. Respect confidentiality between staff, parents and outside agencies. COMMUNITY: Establish and maintain public relations by acting as a resource person to the community and families. Ensure on going communication with outside agencies who support and enhance the work we do with children. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Determine the goals and objectives to be achieved for ones own professional growth. Maintain a professional appearance at all times. Assume responsibility for their own actions and behaviour while at work. *PERFORM OTHER DUTIES AS ASSIGNED. QUALIFICATIONS: Experience in licensed child care work and activities. Demonstrated ability to guide, instruct and care for children. Provide direction for other program staff, teaching assistants, supply staff, students and volunteers. Handle emergencies, crisis and hostile behaviour. Maintain control in frustrating situations. Work co-operatively with others while providing work direction. Use professional judgment on a daily basis within guidelines. Established by the CCEYA 2014 regional and program policies. Consult and report non-routine situations to designated Supervisor. Accommodate competing demands. Maintain neat and accurate records. Communicate effectively both orally and in writing with children, parents, co-workers and teachers. Maintain confidentiality of all information related to children, parents and staff. Carry/lift children and carry/lift/move moderately heavy items. Stand for extended periods of time; to work at the height of children. Willing to work some overtime. Willing to work in conditions involving exposure to: bodily fluids, infectious diseases, frequent high noise levels and occasional inclement weather. Awareness of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, CCEYA 2014 and the Child and Family Act and the ability to understand the specifications of these Acts and other regulations that applies to this work. Thorough knowledge of equipment used in connection with the program operation of a child care. Attend all staff meetings. Attend parent meetings and other school/childcare functions. Accessibility Accommodations to be shared with admin prior to beginning work. MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS Graduation from an approved program in Early Childhood Education or recognized equivalent. Registered in good standing with the College of ECE Must have a clear Police Reference Check (PRC to be completed every Five years on anniversary and on alternate years, to sign a declaration form within two weeks of anniversary of PRC) Up to date CPR/First Aid Clear health check including up to date immunization Please visit childcareadvantage.com to view full details and to apply. FREE REGISTRATION and lots of jobs to choose from!

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