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1 Job Posting Plan

150.00 CDN
  • 1 Jobs
  • 0 Resumes
  • Plan Duration 2 months
  • Posting Duration 60 days
  • Featured Employer No
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3 Job Postings Plan

350.00 CDN
  • 3 Jobs
  • Unlimited Resumes
  • Plan Duration 3 months
  • Posting Duration 90 days
  • Featured Employer Yes
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5 Job Postings Plan

450.00 CDN
  • 5 Jobs
  • Unlimited Resumes
  • Plan Duration 3 months
  • Posting Duration 90 days
  • Featured Employer Yes
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10 Job Postings Plan

599.00 CDN
  • 10 Jobs
  • Unlimited Resumes
  • Plan Duration 3 months
  • Posting Duration 3 months
  • Featured Employer Yes
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3 Months Unlimited Plan

850.00 CDN
  • Unlimited Jobs
  • Unlimited Resumes
  • Plan Duration 3 months
  • Posting Duration 90 days
  • Featured Employer Yes
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Why choose BCJobs.com as your online recruitment solution?

Social Media Integration

Social Recruitment

Your job postings will instantly appear on our Twitter Network at @allBCJobs! and Facebook for all our followers to see.

Enhanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization

We've dramatically enhanced our search engine optimization. Job Postings as well as the employer profile get indexed with all the major search engines. Not only will job seekers find the employer's employment opportunities they will also find the company profile. This provides and incredible opportunity for employers to increase their online presence. We use the latest technology to get an employer's job postings at the top of the search results!

Enhanced Partnerships with Search Engines and Job Aggregators!

Job Search Engine and Aggregators

Enhanced Partnerships with Search Engines and Job Aggregators!
We maintain a real time live feed which is provided to all the major search engines and job aggregators. When you post a job on BCJobs.com you get exposure on our entire Career Network of sites as well as Google, Indeed, WeHire, Ask, Yahoo, Bing, JobRapido, WowJobs, CareerJet, SimplyHired, WorkCircle, Incruit and many more sites!

Reposting with our advanced Cost Per Click (CPC) Program!

Job Search Engine and Aggregators

BCJobs.com pays to sponsor employer and recruiter positions on most of the major Job Aggregator websites. What does this mean for you? Not only does your job postings appear on all these other major sites but we have partnerships in place where BCJobs.com pays to have your positions appear at the top of their search results providing incredible visibility and exposure to your employment opportunities.

Dedicated Account Specialist!

Dedicated Employment Specialist

We assign a dedicated account specialist to your account. Our account specialists will continually monitor your account and associated job posting to ensure you are receiving maximum exposure. From ensuring you have the right wording and keywords in your job postings our goal is to help you get the results you are looking for!

Enhanced Job Search Results!

Enhanced Job Search Results

With our packages that include the “Featured Employer Status” your company logo now appears beside your job posting(s) on the search results page. Your logo also appears on the main BCJobs.com page on a rotating basis.

Auto Job Importer!

Auto Job Importer

Employer and Recruiters have the ability to import their jobs into their BCJobs.com account via XML feed, CSV feed or other text based feeds. This is an automated process that can be setup to run daily. This is a considerable time saver if you have lots of positions or use multiple job posting sites. Please contact your Account Specialist for more information.

Unlimited Customer Service!

Employer and Recruiter Support

We provide Employers and Recruiters with support by Email, Telephone and via our Online Live Support Service. Our support staff are available to assist you with writing your job postings and getting them online to get you the response you are looking for. Any assistance you may need we are here to help.

Auto Renew Feature!

Auto Job Renew Feature

With available job posting credits you can setup your job postings to automatically renew every 30 days. This moves your posting to the top of the list and makes it look fresh again. For our larger packages we offer other custom renewal options. Please contact your Account Specialist for more information.

Mandatory Questions!

Mandatory Candidate Questions

Speed up the process of screening your applicants! Mandatory Questions are questions that must be answered by the job seeker before they can apply. You will see the questions and the responses at the top of their applications. You will see this option when you add/edit your job postings! Job Seekers are not required to be logged into BCJobs.com to apply for a position.

Canadian Applicants Only Feature!

Canadian Applicants Only Feature

When you add/edit your job postings you have the option to receive applications from Canadian Applicants Only! This can be a useful feature if you are only looking to hire local people.

Cost Effective Results!

Cost Effective Results

Post your jobs on BCJobs.com for a fraction of the cost of expensive newspaper and radio ads. A single job posting starts at $150. Instant access to thousands of local candidates (Currently we have 1230 registered job seekers). Click here to view a list of available job posting packages! Don't see a package that you like? Contact us today and we will create one that meets your recruitment needs.

Easy Payment Options!

Easy Payment Options

Pay by Credit Card using PayPal Secure Online Payment Processing or select the Invoice Option to have an invoice automatically emailed to you. With either payment option you can begin posting right away and have your jobs appear online within minutes of purchasing your package.

Complete Control of your Applications and your Account!

Complete Control of your Account

Easily login and manage your profile and job postings 24/7. You are provided with complete statistics for your job postings. Login to your account at any time to view the job applications received. You choose the information you want displayed in your ad. You can keep your email address private and still receive applications without disclosing your contact information to potential candidates. Receive applications direct to your email inbox!

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